Old-Hearted Men

(to the tune of “Stouthearted Men” from “The New Moon”; music by Sigmund Romberg, original lyrics by Frank Mandel and Oscar Hammerstein)

Spare me from men
Who are old-hearted men
Who’ve been short ever since ’82.
Who always call
For the market to fall
Who have always the same point of view
Shorting the dollar,
They don’t like the dollar,
They don’t like the market at all!

Spare me from old men
Who don’t like high vol or low vol
Cynical old men,
Who don’t like
Anything at all.

Spare me from men who like
P/Es of 10
And a price less than two-thirds of book
Men who can’t find value fair anywhere
In the market wherever they look

Nothing for sale in the market appeals
When the trade deficit is so wide
Everything is wrong,
And never’s the time to go long
Say old-hearted men
Who sing the old old-hearted song.