Trading the News

By Tim Melvin

Give me news, lots and lots of news
Let’s see how the headlines affect the Spooz
Terror attack? Short some stock, get long some oil
Greenspan? Short the 10 year, watch the market boil
Why count or read, just trade the news
The talking heads are my trading Muse

But wait! Terrorist caught, oil’s down
Stocks, bonds up giving me a frown
Losing ground, my whole line to oil
Stocks keep rising, myself I’ll soil
The news said it’ll do this, it’ll do that
I traded the news! My account should be fat!

The phone, ringing, margin call
News was wrong and profits fall
Oh how the talking heads were wrong
And now no more I sing a happy song
Trading the news has ended really bad
Maybe I can move back in with Mom and Dad