How To Become A Good Spec

By Victor Niederhoffer (adapted by Gary Rogan)

When the day is filled with sorrow
And your screen is flashing red,
Will you live to fight tomorrow
Or decide that you’re dead?

Will you turn out like Mike Bastian,
Knowing how to play the game,
Or like poor St. Sebastian
Stopping arrows with your frame?

Will you look like Good Ol’ Hetty
Never washing her black dress,
Or end up like John Paul Getty,
After learning to play chess?

Save your pennies, live through sorrows,
You will take the booty home,
You will make it like George S0r0s,
Rich and famous palindrome.
Will the landscape of deception,
Fool you with a tough disguise,
Will you have the risk perception
For returns to realize?

Will you study math and science
To become a better spec,
Or provide SorbOx compliance
For a small cap in Quebec?

Will your brain become a scramble,
And you’ll never get the joke
When you go for your last gamble?
Son, the gamblers, they die broke